U12 JUMBO Florida Gulf Pink Shrimp

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95 lbs

Sold in 1 LB increments.


*Right Off The Boat* 

Shrimp will be ready for Pick-Up, Shipping or Local Delivery on THURSDAY MAY 26, 2016

Pick-Up and Delivery Options

Pick-Up Date:


Local Pick Up Location:

Pine Island Seafood Co. (Office/Distribution Center) 3990 Wholesale Ct, N. Fort Myers Fl 33903 *Please note: This is not a retail location, for group buy pick up only.

Pick-Up Hours: 10am - 5pm

Delivery Date:


$10 Home Delivery To Lee County Homes. You do not need to be home to accept delivery, we will leave in a cooler with gel packs by your front door. Delivery area includes Pine Island, Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Sanibel. Only $10 whether you order 1 pound or 100 pounds.

If you live outside of Lee County, Florida, we can ship your order via UPS Service. We ship to all states excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Your seafood will arrive frozen. Please contact us at 239-829-8299 or pineislandseafood@gmail.com for a fast accurate shipping quote. Typical shipping prices range from $24 - $65 up to 18 lbs depending on your location.

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Product Specifications

  • 12 TO A POUND

Group Buy & Product Description

Save over 38% when you participate in Pine Island Seafood Co. Group Buy Event. These are U12 Jumbo Pink Gulf Shrimp, wild caught, from Florida, no chemicals and are flash frozen directly on the boat for freshness. To participate in this group buy, simply reserve the amount of shrimp you would like to purchase and either choose to pick up, ship or have us deliver your shrimp right to your door. If you questions please visit our FAQ section below.

These wild caught 12 to a pound Florida Gulf of Mexico Pink shrimp are harvested from the beautiful, clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico as far south to the Dry Tortugas. These Pink Gulf Shrimp are sweet and mild and can be enjoyed as a peel and eat shrimp, used in scampi, barbecuing or be easily incorporated into any recipe. Like most shrimp that turn pink after cooking, Florida Pink Shrimp actually turn opaque after cooking which makes them a sought after shrimp. Pink Shrimp live in the clean coral sand off the west coast of Florida which contributes to the pink shell color as well as the sweet taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We guarantee that you will receive the amount of shrimp you order. In the very rare case that the boat does not bring in the total amount offered, a full refund will be given. But from our experience, we suggest you start making your dinner plans!

These wild caught shrimp come from the Gulf of Mexico and as far down as the Dry Tortugas, just a short boat ride to Key West. These are pink shrimp also commonly referred to as Key West Pink Shrimp.

They are size U12. Meaning that you get 12 shrimp to a pound.

Our shrimp are flash frozen directly on the boat to ensure the preservation of the shrimp.

No! One of the benefits of getting your shrimp right from the boat is there is no processing of the shrimp. No chemicals, no additives.

Yes! They are not frozen blocks, they are individually flash frozen. This means that you just take out the amount you need for each dinner.

Yes! Just because this is a group deal doesn’t mean that the quality is less. These are the same shrimp as our seafood market but we are just offering a special group buy.

A long time! Shrimp are individually flash-frozen right on the boat. As long as you keep them in the freezer until you are ready to eat them, they will last you many months. Being that they are individually flash frozen, you can just take out the quantity you need to eat and leave the rest in the freezer until needed.

Our favorite way to cook shrimp is to defrost them under water then boil them. Here’s how we do it: Defrost the shrimp under cold water for about 10 minutes. Boil water, you don’t need a lot, just enough to cover the shrimp. Add any spices you like to the water. Once boiling, drop about 12 shrimp in the water. When the water comes back up to boil, the shrimp are done! Take them out and place on ice (stops them keep cooking). That’s it, peel and eat!!

Please contact us at pineislandseafood@gmail.com

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